Emplacement Walla Walla Syrah, 2012

Americans need to stop saying Syrah.  It’s as affected as toe-mah-toe.  Still, that’s a rant for another day.  This is a full on crazy ass kick in the pants walloping of red. All the leather you’d expect in Grenache and all the spice you’d hope for in Cabernet. This is headstrong but softly romantic. It’s deeply aromatic and with a ludicrous finish. All the hits of those 15-17% Australian reds flooding the market without the headiness. I write it over and over and over, but Walla Walla is the bomb. Let’s give it some love already.

Emplacement Syrah

Price: Less than $20 in WA.


Market Liquidity: Washington puts BC to shame yet again.

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