Cotes du Rhone Villages Cairanne-Boutinet Sauvage, 2010

CDR Villages for $30.  Better be good.  Hmmm.

Cairanne Boutinet 2010

First, I’m shocked at how many great reviews there are for this wine which, sure, has stupendous legs, but it needs much more time in the bottle, and has what the vineratti call intensity and/or is forward on the attack.  If, like me, you open it now, it needs time, time and more time.  I recommend four hours decanted.  It is hugely powerful, overpowering out of the bottle.  It softens and evens out, there are gorgeous herbal notes and (of course, RP’s favorite) oak, but buttery and soft.  None of that is on the tongue freshly corked.  We went from one tannic sip to a small glass an hour later to finishing the bottle after waiting another two and a half hours.  It was like a journey down a bumpy road ending up on tarmac.  In the end elegant and nuanced flavours on a silky finish.  And such slow drinking kept us sober (it is a heady 14.5%…)

Price: $29.99.  A heck of a lot of money.  At BCL.

Market Liquidity: A little too rustic for us, but if you can score it in the US at $17, a no-brainer.

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