Blue Mountain Chardonnay, 2013

We drink a lot of crap wine. We don’t review a lot of crap wine, I’d rather not waste everyone’s time. But in restaurants, often, and not uncommonly in our search for good value, we over and over again cork a mediocre bottle that finds its way into the stock pot. Cheap, cheaper, cheapest.  Such is life in BC.

It is astonishing, though, how much forgettable, generic, blah wine adorns the BC Liquor Store shelves. We are all up in arms about the price changes coming down the pike but what is more upsetting is how hard it is to access the variety and depth of the market that lies just 45 minutes south in a little “less than socialist” market called America.

Blue Mountain Chardonnay 2013

That preamble aside, when we put some stock in a vineyard, and they come up short, we feel obliged to be honest in our “praise”.  (Witness how annoyed we were with Yalumba a month ago.)  BM, hard to find, sells out fast, non-VQA, is generally one of the top BC vineyards (at least in our humble opinion, which weighs expertise with dollar value).  But the base model Chardonnay from Blue Mountain this year is so generic as to be verging on a bar-code. I write that with the utmost respect for BM which turns out a lot of good wine, and we’ve raved about their bottles on many an occasion, but this year’s release is less than forgettable, it’s a wash. (Watch it fetch $50 at Vancouver restaurants.) Hard to stomach–with my half case in the cellar to boot–but stomach we will.

Price: An extremely reasonable $21 from the vineyard.

Market Liquidity: It’s like our darling of 2014 went anorexic.

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