Blue Mountain Pinot Noir, 2013

Pale. Thin. Translucent. It might be referencing the archetypal wine from kraters described on our home page.

Blue Mountain Pinot Noir 2013

We have a fondness for Blue Mountain (indeed, this was part of a case ordered in March; the website is already wait listed for the stuff, I’m not alone in putting blind faith in their skill.  Last year I was rooting around at independents finding the last few half bottles, and paying dearly for the privilege). I would say last year’s “entry level” and premium Pinot were both astonishingly good value; even at 2.5 times the price (yes, that’s you Sparkling Hills Resort) we sipped in pure pleasure. And BM turns out a Pinot which is both evocative of the varietal and the essence of a light and airy Okanagan red. The 2013?  You can find glowing reviews elsewhere.  As much as I hate to diss BM, this is a nominal effort.  It’s so fragile it’s limp.

Suffice to say last year’s love-in with BM is over. We will sip away at this decent red at a decent price point, God knows we have 11 more bottles, but it fell to pieces with mild cheese and was absolutely crushed by simple charcuterie. To think they’ve turned out a patio sipper is pure embarrassment.

Price: A pretty decent $25 from the vineyard.

Market Liquidity: Like spa water; it resembles Pinot in name only.

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