2013 La Grange aux Belles Anjou Rouge 53

La Grange aux Belles Anjou Rouge 2013

Mild, pleasant, pleasing. Uncontroversial. No one is going to slap their head and ask about the provenance. Or exclaim” I coulda had a V-8.” We couldn’t help but think of something archaic though—a 1920s jazz hit sung through a megaphone, a depression era dance contest. It drinks elegantly but without pizazz and is reminiscent of some other red you drank a while back but can’t recall. It somehow lacks a centre, a theme: Is it Loire pretending to be Cru Beaujolais or Loire wishing it was Rhone? Regardless, tasty, leather, green olive, hay, sour cherry, but a tad forgettable.

Homemade Jim Lahey Pizza

It sipped well but didn’t have the legs for homemade thin crust pizza.


Price: $16.70 USD before hefty Canadian duties.


Market Liquidity: I could drink it all the time, but it won’t impress your vino snob colleagues.

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