Ribeira Sacia Adras Godello, 2013

Super acid. Shockingly long finish. Refreshingly non-conformist. Explosive with a burst of Mediterranean sun. I felt like I was on the beach at Cadaqués with a bowl of fish soup looking west from the eastern-most spot in Spain.

Ribeira Sacia Adras Godello 2013

Who’s drinking Godello? I mean here on the West Coast, on a regular basis? It should be at Thai restaurants. It should be on Vij’s menu. It should be a go-to at Blue Water and Coast. But you won’t find it (without effort).


Absolutely awesome in its affront—no butter, no oak, no toast, no smoke—but all flavour. A brilliant sipper, spicy citrus and pith, foolproof with oily vegetarian (Yotem Ottolenghi’s leek fritters); but it is meant for mussels, calamari, sheep’s cheese. There is a sea-air crispness that veers toward a funky tide pool. I couldn’t place the stone fruit notes promised in the promo.


On the downside, you don’t want this white every day. You want it for a change, as a sort of saviour from the endless, repetitive CA Chards and NZ Sauv Blancs. But it is not quite as versatile as the old saws.


For what it is, though, brilliant.


Price: $15 USD before hefty CDN duties.


Market Liquidity: Shocking like surprise and awe, not shocking like disgust.

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