Champ Divin Chardonnay, 2013

You could just suck on a lemon.

Champ Divin Chardonnay, 2013

It really is that tart, that acidic. Interesting? Check. Refreshing? Check. The antithesis of butterscotch hard candy new world Chard? Check. Food friendly? In the way a Coke is with Chinese food, rinses down the grease. Savvy sipper? Sorta.


We drank it a little too cold, then let it come to room temperature. There is no comparison, the warmer it got the more it opened, the more interesting and evocative it was, but, truthfully, it was not as layered or complex as we anticipated. Our expectations were for mineral-rich sting, a little old world flair in line with traipsing through Burgundy, and a musky nutty undercurrent on the finish. For us, it fell short. It had the minerality, yes, I mean the only thing missing was the grit. Bio-organic.


Price: $20 USD


Market Liquidity: First you break free from the curse of over-oaked Chardonnay, then you wonder what to do with your freedom.

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