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April 22, 2015

Clos du Soleil, Signature, 2009

Clos du Soleil, Signature, 2009

From the cellar: We were gifted what I once called BC’s best red. We drank a bottle of the 2010 at a restaurant and I went on about it with anyone who would lend an ear (here’s our review from back in the day) then after what seemed eons I was gifted a bottle of the 2009. With the price tag still on. Ka-ching.


This came out of the cellar on a week night. A week night! Lah di dah. I feel like Eddie Murphy in Changing Places.


Quite simply masterful. It’s drinking beautifully at six years. A balanced blend with a headstrong nose followed by a layered complex bouquet (marashino cherry, clove, licorice, white pepper), it brings a tear to my eye that I don’t have five more bottles to celebrate with. I cannot abide the many “87” point scores it garnered on release. Similarly, I cannot abide the price tag.

Clos du Soleil, Signature, 2009 price

Price: $43. Once upon a time.


Market Liquidity: Stunningly satisfying. Ridiculously expensive.Eddie Murphy Enjoys a Glass of Wine

April 22, 2015

Domaine de L’Idylle Divine, Roussanne, 2013

Domaine de L'Idylle Divine, Roussanne, 2013

Light, refreshing, brightly acidic, tart to the point of palate cleansing. A tad hard to place. There is no hovering bouquet, but what there is—gooseberies, kumquat, damp earth—is pleasant, pleasurable and very food friendly; go cheese and go big.  Go fondue.  If you’ve ever had a wine from Switzerland—a good wine from Switzerland—and you liked it, then you’ll like this.  There is something both perfect and imperfect in the same mouthful; think Jean Arp.


We have been collectively “trained” to dislike wine like this. Which, while true, sad and weirdly anti-wine, means this probably won’t win any favour with your vino clique. My metaphor is Bill Cunningham’s photos; it takes all sorts and without all sorts we’d all be the same.


Price: $17 USD


Market Liquidity: Striking, if not striking a balance.