Month: June 2015

  • BC Wine Studio Siren’s Call Syrah, 2012

    There is a Cookie Monster bit from decades ago where he learns how to make cookies from scratch. With all the ingredients set before him he devours all the flour in one go. Then he eats all the sugar. Then the butter. Etc. He doesn’t understand that the components which make up the cookies he […]

  • Clos du Soleil Fumé Blanc, 2014

    Another winner from CdS. Pitch perfect Sem-Sauv Bl blend. Attractive, intriguing, hugely refreshing. Witness the empty bottle: This was certainly not re-corked and retired to the fridge. Stony, steely minerals soften to a most appealing tangy fruit, think loganberries or gooseberries or currants. I did not get the strong hit of tropical fruit but there […]

  • Lake Breeze Vineyards Merlot, 2012

    The varietal was one of the BC Lieutenant Governor’s 2015 winners: Over 400 wines from over 100 wineries and 14 winners. And this was one of them. Really? The LB opens up nicely, it’s a drinkable common place red, with fruity flavours reminiscent of “mixed berry jam” and a lingering finish that (thank goodness) tastes […]

  • Chateau Clement Saint-Jean Cru Bourgeois Medoc, 2012

    In a glowing review, one pro referred to this as Margaux-like. On my budget that’s about as good as it gets. However, despite the inviting ruby colour and evocative notes of berries it had (for me) a tad too much acidity; I couldn’t get as excited over this as some of the online hoopla led […]

  • Cassini Red Carpet Pinot Noir, 2013

    A very hard to find OK red (not uncommon; almost every decent BC OK wine is “hard to find” and anything of repute tends to sell out quickly). We did not find it typically Pinot; it has none of the lightness and grace of a Burgundy. But it is a gorgeous red sipper. The winery […]

  • Domaine Graveirette Mus C Vaucluse, 2012

    This wine spoke to me.  Truly.  It was like a calling.  Like when the curtain rises in opera and you gasp at the scene.  Think ride of the Valkyries.  Astonishingly masculine, it absolutely epitomized terroir, was monstrously strong without being oppressive.  There are dominant notes of cigar leaf and woodsy aromas, earthy, modestly tannic, and […]

  • Weingut Walter Buchegger Reserve Leopold Gruner Vetliner, 2013

    With a summery spring upon is, it’s a season of simpler dinners and lighter wines.  We cleaned out the fridge for an Elaine Benes Big Salad and served it alongside a light Austrian white. This GV didn’t wow us as much as the Riesling, but the crisp, light, ethereal-ness of this delectable white disappeared faster […]

  • New York Times Stinging Critique of Robert Parker’s Wine Dominance

    Welcome.  I am “An Extreme and Useless Movement.”  And proud of it.   “If ripe wines are considered good, many California producers reasoned, those made from grapes brought to the brink of desiccation, to the peak of ripeness (or even a bit beyond), should taste even better. That logical leap has created a new American […]