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June 17, 2015

Weingut Walter Buchegger Reserve Leopold Gruner Vetliner, 2013

With a summery spring upon is, it’s a season of simpler dinners and lighter wines.  We cleaned out the fridge for an Elaine Benes Big Salad and served it alongside a light Austrian white.


Weingut Walter Buchegger Reserve Leopold Gruner Vetliner, 2013

This GV didn’t wow us as much as the Riesling, but the crisp, light, ethereal-ness of this delectable white disappeared faster than I could take notes.  I am, and this is absolutely serious, I am planning a trip to Vienna next year based solely on how good these few bottles from Buchegger have been.


Price: Something in USD.  $22?


Market Liquidity: If only I could find a bed this comfortable.