Cassini Red Carpet Pinot Noir, 2013

Cassini Red Carpet Pinot Noir, 2013

A very hard to find OK red (not uncommon; almost every decent BC OK wine is “hard to find” and anything of repute tends to sell out quickly). We did not find it typically Pinot; it has none of the lightness and grace of a Burgundy. But it is a gorgeous red sipper. The winery describes it as black currant, vanilla and toffee. I would say menthol, licorice, star anise, medium tannins with a long finish (which, frankly, doesn’t linger in a refined way). Easy to drink.


If you can find this and if you can pay the winery rate of $20 or something relatively close, I would say only one thing: Buy. Buy lots.


Price: $22 at Mud Bay Wines, an absolutely wonderful BC wine shop tucked away is Tsawwassen.


Market Liquidity: In the hit and miss of BC’s Okanagan, this is a hit.

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