Domaine Graveirette Mus C Vaucluse, 2012

This wine spoke to me.  Truly.  It was like a calling.  Like when the curtain rises in opera and you gasp at the scene.  Think ride of the Valkyries.  Astonishingly masculine, it absolutely epitomized terroir, was monstrously strong without being oppressive.  There are dominant notes of cigar leaf and woodsy aromas, earthy, modestly tannic, and with layers of nuance that linger and linger.  It is not your everyday red.  It is not masquerading as Ch Neuf du Pape.  I personally don’t know whether I’ve ever had Marsalan before, but this was a stunning discovery.  It has the heft of Cab Sauv and the intrigue of Grenache and the delectability of something lighter, maybe cru Beaujolais.  If this is off the radar, if this is what 89 points is all about with the wine crowd, bring it on.

Domaine Graveirette Mus C  Vaucluse, 2012

Price: $11.70 USD.  Seriously.


Market Liquidity: How sweet it is.  How effing sweet it is.

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