Lake Breeze Vineyards Merlot, 2012

The varietal was one of the BC Lieutenant Governor’s 2015 winners: Over 400 wines from over 100 wineries and 14 winners. And this was one of them. Really?

Lake Breeze Vineyards Merlot, 2012

The LB opens up nicely, it’s a drinkable common place red, with fruity flavours reminiscent of “mixed berry jam” and a lingering finish that (thank goodness) tastes better than the bouquet. It has no wow factor and seems, at best, a bronze amongst golds and silvers—and even that’s being generous.


Good on Lake Breeze for taking home a prize. But when it comes to Merlot, we have to say Washington wins hands down. A couple of samples along the way include the astounding Walter Clore and the more than enviable Basel Cellars. This doesn’t hold a candle to either—yet both were grown just down the road, in the “other” Okanagan and neither got much recognition. (Or should I write Okonogon?)


Price: $20 or thereabouts from Mud Bay.


Market Liquidity: It will please those who are easily pleased.

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