Clos du Soleil Fumé Blanc, 2014

Another winner from CdS. Pitch perfect Sem-Sauv Bl blend. Attractive, intriguing, hugely refreshing. Witness the empty bottle: This was certainly not re-corked and retired to the fridge.


Stony, steely minerals soften to a most appealing tangy fruit, think loganberries or gooseberries or currants. I did not get the strong hit of tropical fruit but there is a tart citrus pith on the palate. More SB than Sem but up against much of the Oz regulars at BC Liquor this wins hands down.


I will buy it over and over again given the price point. But who likes Fumé Blanc? The average plonker would prefer non-descript Pinot Grigio probably shipped over to Italy in a tanker. That’s the crime.


Price: $20 at Mud Bay. Thanks for having it in stock Mud Bay.


Market Liquidity: Good to the last drop.

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