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July 10, 2015

Sea Star Vineyards Siegerrebe, 2014

Sieger what?

Sea Star Vineyards Siegerrebe, 2014

South Pender Island lies along the Strait of Juan de Fuca, abutting the meandering nautical Border Pass which dips below the 49th along the US and Canada. East across Plumper Sound, even further south, is Saturna Island. Both have young-ish vineyards. Sea Star at Pender comes out of the gate with a select selection of light, aromatic, appealing whites at an extremely reasonable price point. Meanwhile Saturna Vineyard sits fallow for the second year in a row. Hence the strange goings on in the BC wine industry; whether to strive for the most common, most loved, most drunk varietals (i.e., as Saturna did, and more or less drain the gas tank doing so) or to simply embrace terroir and go for what’s likely to produce good plonk.


Kudos to Pender. The Siegerrebe is a Gewurtz cross hybrid, something I’ve never knowingly drunk before even though I’ve seen the Gray Monk; it was reminiscent of the first time I sipped Summerhill’s Ehrenfelser. In other words wonderfully different and immediately interesting. The label proclaims light acidity when in fact we found it heavy handed; it proclaims stone fruit but instead we found it strongly tropical and too ripe, like lychees in sugar syrup. There was a bloom of herbaceousness as well; think winter savoury, a sort of brighter, stronger more floral version of thyme. None of these comments are meant as negative. It’s a wonderful summer sipper, I carted a bottle nestled in cool packs on a two hour hike all the way to remote Taylor Point on Saturna, and we drank it with cheese, fruit, fresh homemade soda bread while watching eagles and orcas overhead and beyond. The low alcohol point is an extra feather in its cap.


Price: $21 at the Saturna Island General Store of all places.


Market Liquidity: Mazel Tov to Pender.

The gorgeous view from the bistro (closed) and the Saturna vineyard (fallow).  Sigh.

The gorgeous view from the bistro (closed) and the Saturna vineyard (fallow). Sigh.

July 10, 2015

Bodegas Elias Moro Descarte, 2012

A touch of potpourri?

Bodegas Elias Moro Descarte, 2012

This wine did not live up to the poinster’s lauds (in my humble opinion). Tanzer gave it 92 points writing “Heady aromas of blueberry, boysenberry and violet, lifted by a smoky topnote and a touch of potpourri. Broad, sappy and concentrated, offering vibrant dark fruit flavors complemented by notes of allspice, mocha and candied flowers.” That is certainly lovely language, only someone passionate about wine could make the effort, but we found that even with air and time the Descartes was only as luxe as wines half the price and not as layered or luscious as the IWC would have led us to believe. If you read between the lines, I would way the WS was a little bit more truthful when they named it their wine of the day and described it as having “chewy tannins and fresh acidity.”


Price: $30 US before significant CDN duties. So, in other words, expensive. Not Super Tuscan territory, but still…


Market Liquidity: Potpourri, I should point out, can be stale, overwhelming and even repugnant.