Bench 1775 Sauvignon Blanc, 2014

Bench 1775 2014 Sauvignon BlancA light, astringent, very sharp, pale straw Sauv Bl that is a wonderful counterpoint to the heavier, more aggressive NZ SBs. Has lovely flavours of grass, gooseberries (who eats gooseberries? I don’t know, but having actually grown them I can tell you they aren’t sweet, they have a juicy acid fruit that is evocative of many wines and deserve the reference), a woodsy citrus finish, lemon tart, that is pleasing and pleasurable if even with a bit too much “pucker”. We had some homemade bread to go with market produce and it was a treat.  Multi award winner which caught us a bit off guard, it’s not that sensational, but stock up if in fact you can find it.


Price: $25 at Mud Bay


Market Liquidity: Makes summer last a little longer.

Good wine and homemade bread.  Ooh la la.
Good wine and homemade bread. Ooh la la.
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