Tinhorn Creek Pinot Gris 2013

Tinhorn Creek Pinot GrisHow to explain OK PG? It can be heavy, sweet, cloying, light, ethereal, fruity, flat, dry, nuanced and heavy handed. And in all the many guises it takes on, each has its own merit. We tend towards something more patio friendly than this TC but, nonetheless, it won us over.


Yes, it took a couple of glasses to warm up to this lovely OK white, and a few more bottles. In fact, we started drinking this in June and it was August before I noticed it had become our favorite summer sipper of 2015. How do the “pros” determine so much on first glance? You know the dust jacket on Cloud Atlas had very little to do with the complexity of the book; but I digress. Dominant flavours of pear and with a quince-y note, it is deep, masculine and much more rigorous than the average OK PG. Enormously food friendly it had the legs for all sorts of salad, charcuterie and crudités. It is not, however, a pretty wine; it doesn’t warm up or rest on the palate the way the more luxe Burrowing Owl does or the more lean Clos de Soleil does. But, as I say, in the end we bought more. And more.


Price: $18.99 from Mud Bay.


Market Liquidity: It developed over time. As they say.

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