Baillie-Grohman Blanc de Noir Rosé & Belle Glos Oeil de Perdrix Pinot Noir Blanc 2014

Rosé is a ruse. You pay the same dollars as for a fine red (or white), and you get something in between, not as good as either. But for whatever reason rosé is also in vogue. Reviewers go head over heel. God knows why. The average Josephine, she tends to like the colour. I write that seriously. Labels, bottle shape and colour seem to matter more at a party nowadays than what you drink.


We almost always find the quality and price point of a decent Pinot Gris trumps local rosé but there are one or two exceptions. Here it is mid-August, stinking hot, the summer that started in May and is predicted to continue to October, so if you’re going to stay with the patio theme, try either or both.

Belle Glos Oeil de Perdrix Pinot noir Blanc 2014


The Baillie-Grohman we inhaled. It was light, ethereal, floral, and a stunning complement to a pesto pasta salad. The Belle Glos, on the other hand, we sipped over an evening.  It is a hot commodity in BC this summer; it came in one fell swoop to the Lower Mainland then sold out almost instantly. Last time I checked there were only a handful of bottles left in the province. It obviously has many admirers, to say nothing of the long and pretentious label, from California (not France). Comparatively, it’s heavier, and more classically Pinot-ish, while it came on the palate inoffensive like a dime store rosé, it had a deep finish that resonates with the archetypal candy apple of its ilk; piquant, appealing, sharply acidic. And, yes, hard to resist. But ten dollars more than the wholly lovable Grohman. You know where I’m going…


Gone too soon!
Gone too soon!

Price: The Baillie-Grohman sells at the VQA retailers for a stunning value, a mere $19 including tax. Wow. The hard to find much sought after CA with the French label goes, with tax, for $28 at BC Liquor.


Market Liquidity: To quote Chris Rock, a man is only as faithful as his options. We take the savings.

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