Au Bon Climat Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County, 2011

Hard to believe this is vintage Chardonnay; on first blush, acidic, citric, aggressively tropical. But with some air, and warmth, a lovely apple, pear and stone fruit comes forward, a modest vanilla balanced with a nuanced gun metal finish are reminiscent of tasting rooms in Burgundy.

Au Bon Climat Los Alamos Vineyard Santa Barbara Chardonnay 2011

The bottom line: We didn’t love this. At least not by the glass. But by golly we didn’t hate it, and with a plain roast chicken it was delectable. As a complement wine, it was fresh, nutty, piquant and crisp.

Price: From the vineyard, but not expensive in USD.

Market Liquidity: It makes the cut, but it’s not first past pole.

NB: See our much different take on the 2010 here.

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