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October 20, 2015

Mas D’En Compte Celler Cal Pla Prioriat, 2009

From the cellar: If duck confit could be wine, this is it. Insanely rich. Like overripe fruit but without the pong, ridiculously lush, I would call it hedonistic.

Mas D’En Compte Celler Cal Pla Prioriat, 2009

In late summer, growing up, my mother would lightly simmer blackberries grown in our back yard then strain and serve the juice as an aperitif at family dinners (alcohol wasn’t served). I had an uncle who would sip his juice so slowly to make it last three courses. That’s just how amazing her quaff was. That was also this wine; it deserved small sips, each one revealing more (of the mainly Grenache but also Carignan and Cab Sauv blend). Go gratitude.


Strikes? Well, this is a wine that’s all about the wine. Serve some food and the food takes a bow to the centre stage diva. Maybe Chef Eric Ripert could pair up something that wouldn’t cringe under the weight of this cordial, but for us it was like the wine was Mel Brooks and dinner Carl Reiner.


I was stunned to read Parker’s effusive review (a staggering 96 points) that I cut and pasted it onto a sticker on the bottle.


Price: $24.99 USD back in the day which is something of the proverbial shock and awe.


Market Liquidity: After months of many dud BC reds, my prince has come.

October 20, 2015

Catherine et Jean Panis Chateau de Bagnoles Cabardes, 2010

Catherine et Jean Panis Chateau de Bagnoles CabardesA thoroughly decent Rhone red, a lovely complement to Provencal roast lamb, and a welcome relief to the heavy hitters we’ve been blessed with drinking of late. (The previous night a glorious bottle of Ridge 2012 East Bench Zin. But the Ridge was like as Michelin star whereas the Cabardes was a mere Bib Gourmand.)

Soft, very gently tannins, a modest nose, spicy on the palate with a kirsch finish. A lingering leather note didn’t sit so well with me.

Price: $14 USD in Seattle.

Market Liquidity: This is the sort of “88” point wine wine drinkers need to be on the lookout for (by which I mean off the pointster’s radar).

October 3, 2015

Trivento Golden Reserve, Malbec, 2012

This is an incredible 89 point wine, an OK 90 point wine and a mediocre 91 point wine. But who am I to argue with the pointsters? Gismondi went so far as to call it “truly hedonistic.” Cool yer jets there!

Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec 2012

Let’s all take a deep breath and agree that this is a wonderful bottle of Malbec, evocative of the varietal, extremely easy to drink, and unlikely to offend anyone. The dense fruit flavours mingle with a charred burnt chocolate that is both tangy and soft. Splurge for a dinner party. As a host gift the hosts will thank you to your face and later behind your back and probably invite you back hoping for more. But it is a bit like a joke in the Simpsons in 2015; the same joke you heard 20 years ago. The WS has been lauding this sort of red for too long to be taking its 91 points seriously. This wine may not be boring, but it sure as heck isn’t interesting.


Price: A sensational $23 value at BC Liquor no less. On that score alone I agree with the WS.


Market Liquidity: How to impress without being impressive.

89 Points and loving it

89 Points and loving it