Trivento Golden Reserve, Malbec, 2012

This is an incredible 89 point wine, an OK 90 point wine and a mediocre 91 point wine. But who am I to argue with the pointsters? Gismondi went so far as to call it “truly hedonistic.” Cool yer jets there!

Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec 2012

Let’s all take a deep breath and agree that this is a wonderful bottle of Malbec, evocative of the varietal, extremely easy to drink, and unlikely to offend anyone. The dense fruit flavours mingle with a charred burnt chocolate that is both tangy and soft. Splurge for a dinner party. As a host gift the hosts will thank you to your face and later behind your back and probably invite you back hoping for more. But it is a bit like a joke in the Simpsons in 2015; the same joke you heard 20 years ago. The WS has been lauding this sort of red for too long to be taking its 91 points seriously. This wine may not be boring, but it sure as heck isn’t interesting.


Price: A sensational $23 value at BC Liquor no less. On that score alone I agree with the WS.


Market Liquidity: How to impress without being impressive.

89 Points and loving it
89 Points and loving it

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