Carmina Burana Riesling, 2014

Carmina Burana Riesling, 2014

A barrel fermented Riesling that echoes some of the finer Oz examples; we were reminded of Western Australia’s Alkoomi. Despite the reviews, we didn’t find it too acid although it has a piquant resonance; pear aromas, a tart quince like undercurrent on the palate, a short, lemony finish. Straightforward honest delectable white wine. Leftover Chinese anyone? It is much more new world than the Eroica, another WA stalwart, and has none of the cloying sweetness associated with some (unnamed) German Rieslings.


Price: Sinfully cheap at $9.99 USD, but commonly around $25.


Market Liquidity: Lush as in luscious. Nice way to break two weeks on the wagon.

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