Rockwell-Brown Bordeaux Blend “Red Mountain,” 2010

BananaBanana. That’s what came to us, on the first super fruity sip, that delicious if nearly synthetic banana ripeness. And then, on the palate, it unfolds with layers of deep fruit, nectar of the gods. Stellar.



The vineyard apparently went bankrupt, they auctioned off their assets, and we scored two precious bottles of this gorgeous blend for fire sale prices. It was like paying for a Leaf and taking possession of a Tesla.


The wine tends to formality, think black tie or morning suit; it would be sinful to have this with anything less than a fine cut of what the World Health Organization claims will all give us cancer (we sipped it on its own, to huge satisfaction, then with braised lamb shanks, where it teetered between gorgeous and arrogantly good).

Rockwell-Brown Bordeaux Blend Red Mountain 2010

If you were lucky enough to score some of this boisterous Bordeaux blend, congrats.  Honestly: A bottle like this is why you make an effort when buying wine.


Washington’s “Okanogan” so outstrips the “high end” BC “Okanagan,” so much of the time, it’s simply an embarrassment. Like they say, it’s not the varietal, but the terroir.


Price: Wait for it… $16.99 USD.


Market Liquidity: Yet again, Walla Walla trumps BC. USA, USA, USA.

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