Month: December 2015

  • BK Wines “Swaby” Chardonnay, 2013

    Nothing short of glorious. Think Hallelujah Chorus. It straddles the two Chardonnays, if you will, the woodsy New World and brassy old in a Cirque de Soleil exactness that is both rapturous and confounding. And, in doing so, I think it would satisfy a Burgundy snob as well as a punter out for a good […]

  • Stoneleigh Pinot Noir, 2013

    This poor sucker of a bottle sat on the counter half finished for a week. We couldn’t even bear to put it in a braise. Finally someone finished it off, like a merciful death. Bla. And more bla. It is the epitome of shopping at BC Liquor: Shelf after shelf of boring wine, mediocre wine, […]

  • Elizabeth Chambers Pinot Noir, 2011

    Ever read so many good reviews, see so many publications and pointsters refer to a wine as great or laud it without restraint that you simply cannot pass up an offer?  That’s me and this wine. Rather than offer a review, spend your time on Google (but yes, it’s an elegant sipper with both sweet […]

  • Holiday Bubbles: Champagne Chiquet, Serveaux Fils & Godmé Père et Fils

    Marquis in Vancouver special orders a huge selection of “villages” champagne, for lack of a better descriptor, each holiday season. Buy six get 10% off. Of course even with the discount it’s a pricey proposition. But still, how else to experience something unique and interesting and so far away from the Codorniu at BC Liquor? […]

  • Bruno di Rocca, 2000

    Like Dorothy’s magical ruby slippers. A chance buy; Garagiste in Seattle offers, on occasion, mystery bottles. You pay and wait and hope you like it. This was billed as a Tuscan heavyweight. We all know what that means. Barolo. Brunello. I wasn’t expecting a Cabernet Sauvignon (mixed with Sangiovese). And yet, what a stupendous surprise. […]

  • Domaine Paul Croses Cotes de Nuits Villages, 2011

    A colossal fruit bomb. I don’t know why we’ve been drinking Pinot lately like it’s going out of style, but we have, and this did certainly not disappoint. For less than $20 US the ruby red, light as a feather, fruit punch of this delectable Burgundy was a real wow. Even though it drinks delicate, […]

  • Emmanuel Darnaud Crozes-Hermitage, 2013

    Pure pleasure. So unlike the previous entry, the anointed Wine Advocate pointster, here you have just the real thing.  Gorgeous texture, grape Kool-aid, rum-soaked currant, a woodsy peppercorn. On the finish, a note of cherry soda. Superb sipper. All Syrah, all Rhone. However, weak at dinner. The tannins and youth of the wine paled with […]

  • Bastide Miraflors Vielles Vignes Syrah Grenache, 2013

    Robert Parker is losing his mind. How in the world can he take decades of experience and proclaim a whopping 93 points on this otherwise very drinkable 89 pointer? It’s baffling. But it sells bottles, his seal of approval.  I guess the crazier the better, for the trade.   I can’t help but feel he’s […]