BK Wines “Swaby” Chardonnay, 2013

Nothing short of glorious. Think Hallelujah Chorus. It straddles the two Chardonnays, if you will, the woodsy New World and brassy old in a Cirque de Soleil exactness that is both rapturous and confounding. And, in doing so, I think it would satisfy a Burgundy snob as well as a punter out for a good bottle with salmon. What’s going on in the Adelaide Hills to produce such finery? South Australia rules: So much depth, peach, tangerine, butterscotch, menthol, hay, it’s astonishing. And, get this: All this artistry at 12.5% alcohol. There is a Santa Claus. Not available in Canada.

BK Wines “Swaby” Chardonnay, 2013

Price: I don’t know how I parted with so much money, but I did, and although I don’t regret it, I do cringe: $40 USD


Market Liquidity: Tidings of comfort and joy.

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  1. […] Gismondi loved it; called it tight, driven and focused, and slapped it with 92 points.  I can’t believe we drank the same bottle.  We found it assertively oaken in the most unpleasant fashion imaginable, it tasted almost faux not aged, and the lemon, pith, butter and what seemed like coarse burnt sage, did not have the balance or focus we anticipated.  Think shavings in the woodshop blended with the acid of witch hazel, bottled at $32 before tax.  Yikes.  This ain’t no Margaret River Swaby. […]

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