Bruno di Rocca, 2000

Like Dorothy’s magical ruby slippers. A chance buy; Garagiste in Seattle offers, on occasion, mystery bottles. You pay and wait and hope you like it. This was billed as a Tuscan heavyweight. We all know what that means. Barolo. Brunello. I wasn’t expecting a Cabernet Sauvignon (mixed with Sangiovese). And yet, what a stupendous surprise.

Bruno di Rocca, 2000

At 15 years I would say this is on the downward arc of gravity’s rainbow. But even in the Jetstream it exudes a wild, woodsy flair, with green herby notes like sage and thyme, predominant sour cherry on the palate which finishes with a maraschino flourish. The lingering bouquet is like licorice crossed with violets. As a sipper good, with braised lamb shanks outstanding.


It soars in many respects and was astonishing value but I wish I had a bottle three years ago.


Price: $19.98 USD. But Google it; you’ll be astonished at the market price in Europe.

Market Liquidity: Late to the party, but still a good party.

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