Holiday Bubbles: Champagne Chiquet, Serveaux Fils & Godmé Père et Fils

Champagne Godmé Père et Fils, Brut RoseMarquis in Vancouver special orders a huge selection of “villages” champagne, for lack of a better descriptor, each holiday season. Buy six get 10% off. Of course even with the discount it’s a pricey proposition. But still, how else to experience something unique and interesting and so far away from the Codorniu at BC Liquor? We plowed through six in advance of the holiday season. Nothing had a wow factor but most of it was pleasing. Here are three (cost-comfortable) favorites, each under $60, the Canadian dollar “tipping point” on champers:


Champagne Gaston Chiquet, Tradition

Bone dry. Waves of citrus zest. High minerality. Long stony finish. With seafood (Jacques Pepin’s spectacularly decadent salmon rillettes), superb. As a sipper, well, so-so. Drank like a 14% wine, not a mere 12.5%. Would pair exquisitely with shellfish.Champagne Serveaux Fils Carte Noire


Champagne Serveaux Fils Carte Noire

A 50/50 blend of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. Yeasty, trace notes of mandarin orange. Settles in the glass with very light effervescence. It seemed thin, with neither the bouquet or richness on the palate you anticipate with champers. At a mere 12% ideal for brunch or AM celebrations. A very long nutty, pear finish. Tanzer loved it. For us, it wasn’t memorable.


Champagne Godmé Père et Fils, Brut Rose

Fun. Light and lively. A gorgeous brunch sparkler (we had it with mushroom leek frittata, croissants from Batard, scones and a fresh green salad). It seemed a little lightweight until we switched to BC sparkling and later Prosecco, both of which seemed dank and dreary comparatively. For me, for the purpose, it hit the nail on the head.

Champagne Gaston Chiquet, Tradition

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