Stoneleigh Pinot Noir, 2013

This poor sucker of a bottle sat on the counter half finished for a week. We couldn’t even bear to put it in a braise. Finally someone finished it off, like a merciful death. Bla. And more bla. It is the epitome of shopping at BC Liquor: Shelf after shelf of boring wine, mediocre wine, plonk, wine that is as generic as post-it notes, as rote as Coke slogans, as exciting as another Hot Tub Time Machine reboot. Wine that hints at the varietal. I don’t know how BC Liquor does it, but they do, and the wine industry loves BC, factory farming uneventful whites and forgettable reds until the cows come home. This isn’t about Stoneleigh in particular, even though this less than stellar bottle is one to re-gift for sure, but just the tipping point on the boredom, repetitiveness and complete lack of creativity and focus you’ll find on the BCL wine shelves. Witness twenty minutes at Pete’s in Seattle and pretty much everything wrong with BCL is captured in an aisle…

Stoneleigh Pinot Noir, 2013

If there is a good metaphor, it’s Vancouver’s thriving craft beer culture, and the snail’s pace it’s taking to get those great bottles onto the shelves. And the pathetic attitude of our “pro-business” government to give a damn.


Price: Less than $20 but when it’s this lacklustre who cares.


Market Liquidity: There is a large and eager market. Apparently.

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