Burrowing Owl Cabernet Franc, 2013

Not Burrowing Owl’s finest moment. But what a fine bottle. If you can find it.

Burrowing Owl Cabernet Franc 2013

In restaurants, the Meritage features prominently in the near or plus $100 level. It sets the standard. The CF falls far below, and is less common, but so satisfying nonetheless.


The Merlot is a little slick. I can take it or leave it The Athene, of the BO expensive reds, my go-to, often feels faultless. Reviewers take a hard line on the Athene, but year after year there is some consistency that is almost sentimental. The CF seems to me a wine of many contradictions, directions, nuance and outright mess. But what a gorgeous, attractive and intriguing mess. From cherry to charcoal, from the barn to the orchard, it is sweet and dark, lively and leaden, aggressive and soft.


I drank it first at a Christmas event; thank you Julie for splurging. It spoke to me like a star leading the three wise men. Then I sucked it up and spent over $40 for a bottle. That is too much money. I regret spending the money. But I don’t regret drinking the wine.

Thrift week is over. All hail BC’s ridiculous wine market.

Sometimes complexity is a lot of fun. It’s said that when John Huston was writing the screenplay for The Maltese Falcon, when he ran across some contradictions and holes in the novel, and called Hammett flor clarification, Dashiell was all “well, yes, I know, whatever.” That is this wine, classic without being a classic. I simply wish I could afford it.


Price: The vineyard has it at $33, before all the add-ons. Not so lucky if you live in YVR. Ka-ching.  Try Liberty.


Market Liquidity: It will grow on you. And you’ll be sorry.

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