Month: February 2016

  • Cave Mont Blanc “La Piagne” 2014

    All wine retailers gush about their stock, but perhaps none moreso than Jon Rimmerman who sends out prosaic emails two or three times a week without a picture and often no third party reviews, to a long list of subscribers who pore over what, in the end, is just a series of flowery adjectives and […]

  • Quinta Ferreira Merlot, 2010

    A crowd pleaser. Not as complex as the reviews might indicate, or the boasts of the vineyard with all sorts of layers and flavours and aromas (on the palate, it flattens out considerably), but definitely supple and soft enough to sip through a whole bottle without noticing the “just shy of” 14% alcohol. I guess […]

  • Les Faverelles Bourgogne Vezelay, 2014 & Tenuta di Castellaro Pomice de Bianco, 2013

    Two sensational examples of terroir. Each so different it’s like two different languages. Wait, that’s exactly it. Yes, terroir as a vino descriptor is overused, but sometimes wine is so evocative of a place that it’s dumbfounding. The Vezelay is light as a feather, apple, crab-apple, pear, brimming with a fruity juicy freshness, it seems […]

  • Domaine de Cébène Les Bancèls, Coteaux du Languedoc, Faugéres, 2013

    At basically the same price point of the Wynns, which we found cookie cutter and predictable, you can get the smooth, velvety texture of a sippable red, if that’s your thing, with the more woodsy, herby notes of a French red that oozes olde worlde charm. Generally, you’ll pay twice as much for Rhone red […]

  • Quinta Ferreira Alagria 2010

    Good, better, best. Interesting drinking; layers and layers of interesting drinking.  Why didn’t this win the Vancouver Magazine best of rich reds? Availability. You will have to make some effort. Then you will have to consider the passion that went into the blend. Cheers Quinta Ferreira.  Forget the Wynns “best in show” Cabernet Sauvignon, this […]

  • Wynns Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 & Rosso Langhe Nebbiolo, 2012

    OK, so in keeping with the Vancouver Magazine review theme, see our other comments here, two more reviews which, ultimately, drove us to wines not on the Vancouver Mag list… Langhe Nebbiolo, Giovanni Rosso, 2012 Simply put not worth the price. But quite good (when compared against other Italian reds at BC Liquor). I would […]

  • Blasons de Bourgogne Brut Réserve & Jansz Tasmania, Méthode Tasmanoise

    Vancouver magazine publishes a list of the best wines in BC by a panel of experts. Or so the copy reads. It’s a give-away at liquor stores and the wines are all selected based on general availability so the weight, in my mind, is more advertorial and promo, a la the LCBO Food & Drink, […]