Quinta Ferreira Alagria 2010

Quinta Ferreira Alagria 2010

Good, better, best. Interesting drinking; layers and layers of interesting drinking.  Why didn’t this win the Vancouver Magazine best of rich reds? Availability. You will have to make some effort. Then you will have to consider the passion that went into the blend. Cheers Quinta Ferreira.  Forget the Wynns “best in show” Cabernet Sauvignon, this is much more provocative. A blend with depth and character, we found it hard not to swoon when the label says Okanagan. Really? And get this: For just a few dollars more than the Wynns the bottle is three years older. Gismondi found the 2009 “oxidized” and basically crucified the vintage with a stunningly token score of 84 points. Maybe the 09 was trash, but I’ll tell you the 2010 is opiod addictive.


Price: $30 at Swirl in White Rock.


Market Liquidity: Buck the trend. Go local, in a big way.

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  1. I’m a QF fan also. A head’s up…there’s at least one bottle of the Alagria at BC Wine Guys in Victoria. They’re closing on the 28th as a result of BC Wine Institute’s brilliant deal with Pattison. Let me know if you want me to get one for you! (seriously).

    • Hi Darren,
      Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it. There are still quite a few bottles at Swirl, I snagged some extras, so I’m good. Also, I saw today that the remaining licenses go up for auction this spring. I think the hope for any “mom and pop” or indie wine store trend is quickly being put to bed in BC.

  2. It tells me that BC Wine Institute head Mile Prodan is not a fan of BC wine, nor is anyone in the government. This whole thing smells badly. I’m more passionate about good BC wine than practically any other issue in BC and this is a huge step backward. Way to go idiots.

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