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March 18, 2016

Quinta Ferreira Merlot, 2010

Quinta Ferreira Merlot, 2010I credit Swirl in White Rock for helping me discover the breadth of Quinta Ferreira wines. They, alas, have bitten the Jimmy Pattison bullet, and are no more. It was a win win for our scattered provincial premier, setting into motion an auction process of monumental shortsightedness which, single-handedly, allowed one of our wealthiest businessmen to swoop in and pick up a virtual monopoly on indie wine stores. But that’s water under the bridge (the $3.5 billion Massey Tunnel replacement bridge to be more accurate…)


Strident: The QF Merlot is nothing if not assertive. We liked it, not loved it, found it tried just a tad too hard, with firm not soft edges and nothing supple on the palate. All the regular fruit notes of any decent Merlot with a lip smacking woodsy flair but lacking the panache of the Alegria. But this is a winery we’ve come to place great store in and will be buying mixed lots by the case.


Price: $26 at Swirl (RIP).


Market Liquidity: No rod was spared.