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April 1, 2016

Church & State Lost Inhibitions Red, 2014

Darren V recommended the Church & State Trebello.  That wasn’t easy to source.  When I did come across the white I asked the clerk (at an independent store, a vanishing breed) if they stocked the red.  She told me that the Trebello had been re-branded as part of the C&S Lost Inhibitions line.  All of them have provocative and, if not catchy, then Love Hearts cum Magic 8 Ball trite slogans.  She showed me the new bottle.  Writ large was Bitch Please.  That was a huge letdown.  I said “This is a cross between focus groups gone awry and an MBA who knows nothing about wine but everything about potential market share.  I’ll pass.”  Then, without missing a beat, the clerk said “Would it help, do you think, if you decanted it first?”  Well if only the BC Liquor staff had a sense of humour like that.  Of course I bought a bottle.

Church and State Lost Inhibitions Red 2014

At first it is forgettable.  In fact, we set our glasses aside and got on with dinner.  Then at dinner (spicy pork, vegetables) the wine came alive.  It wasn’t complex, it wasn’t wowie zowie, but gosh did it work with dinner.  The blend isn’t that even but neither is it lopsided.  Label aside, I think an honest restaurateur could offer this under $40 and sell it like hotcakes.  With some air, after eating, it offered up lovely floral notes and drank like a more expensive red.  And get this: We finished the bottle before dessert.


Price: Just over $20 at an indie store.


Market Liquidity: A pleasant surprise.