Bellingham Bernard Series Old Vine Chenin Blanc, 2014




If you’ve been to the Cape Region in South Africa (I have), if you’ve made an attempt to visit as many wineries as possible (I did), if you’ve sampled as wide a variety of wines as you could find on offer (most definitely), if you stopped by a wine shop to pick up a bottle to take to dinner—common, even at high end restaurants, without a steep corkage fee—and been surprised at the breadth of varietals on offer and the low price (surprised, then depressed, then not surprised), and then come back to BC raring to give South Africa its due only to be put off by the schlock and blah of what BC Liquor carries (surprised, then depressed, then not surprised), you should, at the very least, give the Bellingham CB a go.

Bellingham Old Vine Chenin Blanc, 2014

It’s under $30, it’s very good, it has great depth and nuance, is a decent sipper but a very friendly food wine with fresh West Coast cuisine, and can’t be matched by anything local.  It is, however, Chenin Blanc, the varietal that gets very little love.  Too bad.  If you’d like something approaching Vouvray, but at a South African price point, give it a whirl.  A golden hue in the glass, sweet but not cloying, and not top heavy in acidity like some [nameless] BC CBs.


Price: $24 plus taxes at BCL.


Market Liquidity: It will grow on you.

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