La Frenz Montage, 2013

A fruity, juicy, cherry cola mouthful.  Light and refreshing as any white might be.  A touch too acid, which lingers, not in a good way.

La Frenz Montage 2013

While we swooned over the 2008, and thought the 2011 OK, the 2013 is not the finest moment for La Frenz / Montage.  Given the price point, there are much better options.


Aside from these reservations, I do like the wine’s ethereal nature and its blast of Starburst like generic berry.  (Think a palatable Lambrusco without the effervescence.  Or, if you’re old enough, Punchy, the original Hawaiian Punch mascot.)


Price: $30 plus taxes at Kitsilano Wine Cellar, so not an everyday red. Even though it drinks like a Tuesday night sipper.


Market Liquidity: Doesn’t pack a punch, but it tastes like one.

                                      The original Hawaiian Punch “Punchy”
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