Month: June 2016

  • La Frenz Vivant, 2013 & La Frenz Ensemble, 2013

    La Frenz Vivant, 2013 So close.  I mean look at the label, what a gorgeous blend, it’s whet-your-wine appetite enticing.  Viognier, a touch of sweetness, Chardonnay, a touch of class, Rousanne, a touch of herbal tea.  It makes you want to buy three bottles, one of each viaretal, take an eye dropper, and experiment in […]

  • Burrowing Owl Merlot, 2010

    Sideways is now a play.  Sideways, the book which became an Alexander Payne movie, which transformed wine tourism, at least in California, is now hitting the West End.  A great article with author Rex Pickett can be found here.   My biggest regret about Sideways is that while the volume of Pinot drunk in America […]

  • Drinking Wine in Istanbul, Vienna, Prague and Madrid

    Just got back from three weeks in Europe.  We drank wine in Turkey, Austria, the Czech Republic and Spain. Istanbul: The first big surprise is that the Turks make some half decent wine.  Some half decent white wine, anyway.  The second big surprise is that the cost is insane, OTC or in a restaurant.  Plonk […]