Month: July 2016

  • Lopez de Haro Rioja Blanco, 2014

    This is a something you rarely find: An inexpensive wine (under $20 before tax!), with enough character and depth to hold your interest that, yes, you’ll go back and buy it again.  That you want to buy again.  This is not a knock-your-socks off powerhouse Rioja, but a patio wine par excellence.  The muted fruit […]

  • Cassini Quattro, 2012

    If this is your thing, then this is your thing.  By which I mean, why pay $20 more for a California Cab Sauv with 90 plus points when you can have a gorgeous, rustic, hugely satisfying BC blend? The “attack” is strong with a yin yang of violets and cigar box.  I liked that juxtaposition […]

  • Burrowing Owl Sauvignon Blanc, 2015

    The acidity will stop you in your tracks.  The strident Kiwi SB grassiness is nowhere to be seen, instead we have a doff of the hat to the purity of the French style, an austere, highly charged blast of melon and citrus.  The assertiveness is either enchanting and captivating or off-putting.  Are you looking for […]

  • TintoNegro Limestone Block Malbec, 2012

    92 points.  Seriously?  Someone is losing their marbles.   Price: $32.50 at Everything Wine.   Market Liquidity: An easy to drink red.

  • C C Jentsch Cellars Syrah, 2013

    Super spicy—in a good way. A funky woodiness reminiscent of Oz Shiraz.  There is an unusual Pinot Noir lightness on the palate (and the glass, it’s so pale it’s nearly anemic), but it holds its weight on the finish.  Despite the balance and approachability, despite all the lovely tangents on the nose and mouth, this […]

  • La Frenz Riesling, 2014

    A mere 11 per cent alcohol.  Fruity, a smidgen sweet, an addictive acidity, and light as a feather.  Crisp and not cloying.  Forget rosé; this is a lunch wine par excellence.  We ate it with Jacques Pepin’s fresh corn souffles, but in fact it would pair with any civilized summer lunch that doesn’t require pomp […]

  • Abel’s Tempest Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling, 2011

    Wow.  This isn’t Prosecco.  This so isn’t Prosecco.  And what a relief, from the generic fizz that permeates every social event year round.  Neither it is the Jansz, the just OK Jansz, readily available in BC.  This is really stupendous, so much depth, there’s plenty of berry fruit but it’s dry, not heavy, there is […]

  • Natalino Del Prete “Nataly” Primitivo, 2012

    Drinking this wine is like a find at Winners.  The 86 karat Spoonmaker’s Diamond in the Topkapi Palace was, the tale goes, found by a fisherman, traded to a jeweler as “a worthless piece of glass” for three spoons.  This could be Puglia’s three spoons red.  And organic to boot. No pun intended. Ever see […]

  • Quails’ Gate Chardonnay, 2014

    Anthony Gismondi called this a “friendly bottle” and “real value” to which there is nothing much more to say.  It is, for a palatable BC white, that doesn’t hammer you with cloying oak, a reasonable and satisfying sipper. However, it failed at the dinner table; a 1970s white wine Paul Masson spritzer would have been […]

  • Cassini Cellars Cabernet Franc, Collector’s Edition, 2012

    Polished to within an inch of its life.  Any smoother and it would be Simoniz.  For those of us who purposefully pick out a Cabernet Franc (as opposed to say a Meritage), we probably have a predilection for a certain CF flavour profile.  I err to the side of what I call the saddle room, […]