Cassini Cellars Cabernet Franc, Collector’s Edition, 2012

Polished to within an inch of its life.  Any smoother and it would be Simoniz.  For those of us who purposefully pick out a Cabernet Franc (as opposed to say a Meritage), we probably have a predilection for a certain CF flavour profile.  I err to the side of what I call the saddle room, the pointsters call it the pencil shavings; I like the grittier elements, the musky, earthy, spiciness of CF.  This is floral, fruity and brimming with a heady bouquet of violets and candied fruit, much more reminiscent of a California Zin than (to my mind) Loire CF.  In fact, it has an assertiveness, a middle finger to Napa/Sonoma: Anything you can do Okanagan can do too.

Cassini Cabernet Franc 2012

Given the price point, I was hesitant.  I suspect a boozer willing to cough up $35 for a BC red will be happy with this bottle; in the end I was.  It is, after all, annoyingly food friendly and deceptively easy to drink despite an obnoxious 14.9 per cent alcohol volume.  It’s well balanced and has an elegance which would suit an occasion where a wine twice the price might be expected.  We’re going to taste test compare with the much cheaper Cassini Quattro, later this week.


Price: $35 at Swirl in White Rock before they closed; sold out at the vineyard.


Market Liquidity: Worth it but maybe not so worthy.

2 Responses to “Cassini Cellars Cabernet Franc, Collector’s Edition, 2012”

  1. My favourite Cassini was the 2008 collector’s series Syrah. A friend and I had the last one a week ago. I’ve had the Nobilus and Maximus and both needed copious amounts of air. Cassini is definitely over-wrought and over-oaked, but generally nice wine. Just decant it all day!


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