Quails’ Gate Chardonnay, 2014

Anthony Gismondi called this a “friendly bottle” and “real value” to which there is nothing much more to say.  It is, for a palatable BC white, that doesn’t hammer you with cloying oak, a reasonable and satisfying sipper.

Quails Gate Chardonnay 2014

However, it failed at the dinner table; a 1970s white wine Paul Masson spritzer would have been equally memorable.  And, get this: We drank it with plain grilled wild Sockeye.  Chardonnay and salmon :: bacon and eggs.  That was a killer, not just the fact that it was wafer thin, but that with the “perfect” pairing it disappeared into the background like so much foam from a Michelin starred chef, expertise without legs.


Still, at this price point, buy six or seven cases for the wedding.


Price: $20 or thereabouts if you can find it.


Market Liquidity: The Reiki of BC Chardonnay.

Paul Masson Orson Welles

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