Cassini Quattro, 2012

If this is your thing, then this is your thing.  By which I mean, why pay $20 more for a California Cab Sauv with 90 plus points when you can have a gorgeous, rustic, hugely satisfying BC blend?

Cassini Quattro, 2012

The “attack” is strong with a yin yang of violets and cigar box.  I liked that juxtaposition a lot, but no one will mistake it for finesse.  On the palate it’s full, aggressive, while the finish is mild and doesn’t linger.  Really delectable if a tad less accomplished than the Cassini Cabernet Franc which we drank last week.  But from my perspective, this is a stellar red at the price point.  The imperfection of it, if you will, was perhaps the most likeable and enduring element.  We’ll be back for more.


Price: $30 well spent at Kitsilano Wine Cellars.


Market Liquidity: Bob Fosse said “Thank God I wasn’t born perfect.”  They should stamp that on a sticker, and remove the plaudits.

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