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August 9, 2016

Seven Stones Speaking Rock Chardonnay, 2011

Seven Stones Speaking Rock Chardonnay, 2011

We opened a bottle of the St. Hubertus “Platinum Award Winning” Riesling last week.  No disrespect, but this was the worst bottle of BC white we’ve had in months if not all year.  It was just an absolute mess.  If the Three Faces of Eve and Sybil were made into a Riesling, this would be it.  And you should see the user reviews online: So well loved.  Well, there you have it.  We draw the line; when you go all over the map with wine you better friggin’ have the talent of Antoni Gaudi.  What the judges and pundits loved with this lauded sucker, well, we can’t see the point.  The next night, a little burnt (as in peeved) we opened a “value” white from Seven Stones.  A 2011 Chardonnay.  Entry level stuff.


Now Seven Stones is fabulous.  I refuse to drive the #3 without a stop.  Aside from the heavenly location (the Similkameen is, truly, a slice of Shangri la,  their reds tend to be stellar.  It’s the nearly $40 price tag on all their bottles that keeps me at bay.  Not here.  This is easy on the pocket book.


Pure refreshment.  Basic, yes, but plum delicious.  A versatile food wine if a tad plain as a sipper, it has all the tropical notes you might expect from a Chardonnay but very little of the luxe French butter.  A final note on the palate reminiscent of Semillon.  And less than $25 for a drinkable 2011—have I died and gone to Napa heaven?  Jawohl.  Sehr very gut.


Price: $24 and change at the new “in grocery” wine aisle at Save-on in Tsawwassen.


Market Liquidity: Yet More Similkameen Magic.

August 9, 2016

Lopez de Haro Reserva Rioja, 2009

Lopez de Haro Reserva Rioja, 2009

Sensational value.  The bottle was gone before I even got a picture in! We tried their rather simple white, which was wonderful, a few days ago; ditto this red, wundebahr.  It doesn’t have the great depth and nuance of the 90 plus pointers but at the price point it is ALL VALUE and NO DOWNSIDE.  You will taste everything that a better, more classic Rioja has to offer, the oak (not too much), the sweetish berries, the not too powerful tannins, but unfortunately in less intensity, and somewhat fleeting.  Who cares? At the price, I mean how satisfying can it get at $20?


Price: $19.99 at the Broadway International Wine Shop.


Market Liquidity: Honestly, if only I could find a car this reliable.