Blue Mountain Gamay Noir, 2014

Blue Mountain Gamay Noir, 2014

A young, thin, pretty inconsequential red, which (I think) isn’t quite as good as the reviews have been.  But lovely in that likeable and comfortable and relaxing way an outdoor dinner is.  I’d buy a case.  If you could of course, and you can’t, the trade has swooped in and bought BM out.


It’s approachable, easy to drink, food versatile, not weighted down by alcohol, is an antidote to the heavy handed Robert Parker reds of 90 plus points, and has an almost elastic finish where it totters between the heavier woodsy notes and a light vanilla floral kick.  It’s like an addictive app, you know it isn’t good for you but you just can’t help yourself.


Despite its youth it must, must, must get some air.


Price: Sold out at the vineyard, but $23 earlier this year.  Which was, if I might editorialize, spectacular value.


Market Liquidity: Hands down the most satisfying Blue Mountain bottle from the 2016 releases.

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