Roche Pinot Gris, 2014


Gismondi had fair praise for this.  Floral without too much fruit.  I agree that it’s different than your typical BC Pinot Gris, and interesting at that.  But the attack is something of an affront on the palate with an antiseptic jolt that is not as food friendly as you’d expect; he recommended halibut and with the cost of halibut I’d recommend something safer or, if you must go esoteric, an Alsatian Sparr.  The finish, well, that’s something to write home about.  It lingers on the tongue longer than Barbra Streisand has been in retirement.  Gismondi liked the absence of PG’s omnipresent honey, but in the end, you are still stuck with the nectar, although with much more complexity than the run of the mill stuff at BCL.  Full points for difference, ho-hum on a repeat buy.


Price: $29 or $4 more than the winery at a private YVR shop.


Market Liquidity: More a curiosity than captivating.

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