Culmina Hypothesis, 2012

Deeply satisfying.  Extremely nuanced.  Gentle without anything caustic or assertive but luscious and engaging.  Truthfully, I think this sort of refinement, in the BC Okanagan, under $40, is rare, but maybe I just don’t spend enough money trying every bottle of plonk that comes along.  I also think, in the Robert Parker school of thought, this wouldn’t please his palate.  But oooh what a lovely bottle it is my dears.


This was gifted.  I’d actually turned my nose up at the price when I saw it in a private store, but I think anyone with access should get three to six bottles in preparation for the holidays.


One renowned local wine reviewer likened this to Burgundy.  Say whaaaaat?  I’m an amateur, a sap, a wine lover but a wine ignoramus at the same time, I have no pretensions to the Kevin O’Leary school of pretentious wine aficionado-dom and even if I was stinking rich I take the Jacques Pepin view of wine that enjoyment comes before snobbery (he famously gave away, gratis, a bottle of Romanée-Conti!).  However, I know this much: Merlot ain’t never, ever gonna taste like Burgundy Pinot.  And this Merlot dominated blend, smooth as a baby’s bottom, is nearly pitch, it pours like molasses mixed with prunes, look at the picture, dark as tar, whereas Burgundy pours like diluted cherry nectar.  Rant over.


Price: With taxes all in $44 (or $38 on the shelf).  I would argue that it surpasses Osoyoos La Rose and, therefore, is better value.


Market Liquidity: Flat, satin, glossy, bright lights big city, an Okanagan knockout.

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