Seven Stones Standing Rock Meritage, 2010 & Celeste Crianza, 2012


We drank the lovely if somewhat forgettable Crianza back to back with a Seven Stones blend.  Not unlike some previous bottles which we’ve never reviewed, the Meritage was enjoyable, imperfect, provocative and spoke of terroir in a way the Similkameen seems to beat out the northern OK year by year.


So how did it play out against the highly prized Crianza, from, and I quote, “the world’s most admired wine brand”?  I think if you don your impartial reviewer hat the Crianza is the better wine.  I give it this: It has fewer flaws.  And who doesn’t like a silky Tempranillo on a miserable autumn night?  But like a high end suit tailored versus an off the rack that fits to a tee, the Meritage just holds your interest more, lingers on the tongue longer, and has a depth of flavour that is both captivating and a little frustrating, a few inches away from being a better blend.  Now the Crainza rolls over the palate like toffee, smooth, a tad gristly, but pffft, it’s thin and ephemeral, and thus the disappointment.


Pricewise, the Crianza comes in at $27 before taxes and the Meritage $35 with taxes, so only a few dollars separate the two on the budget front.  I guess, again, the Crianza is better value, but purely on a subjective level from a very personalized point of view Seven Stones rules.


Market Liquidity: Technically, once you have Robert Parker’s blessing, no market liquidity is required.


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