Culmina R&D Red Blend, 2014


I hereby declare this the best value Okanagan red of 2016.  Period.


We started the blog several years ago with an arbitrary benchmark of $20 on value (because, as recently as three years ago, you could still “score” with $20 and a bit of silver in your pocket afterwards).  A lot has changed (the quality and the prices of BC wines have skyrocketed) and we’ve long let go that $20 means anything in BC except “bottled in BC” and run of the mill dross, but now and again you can still stumble across something that warms your heart, your gut, and fills your mouth with joy.  A reasonably priced bottle of great wine.  And this fits the bill to a tee. There is something just a tad uneven on the palate, the balance between fruit and forest and tannins, but nothing off-putting, nothing abrasive.


As a sipper it comes on smooth and strong and maybe with a stroke of cleverness but it’s all pleasure, only emphasized by the price point.  Buy six for a dinner party, six cases for the wedding.  Oh, and LCBO picked it up for Vintages; not so lucky here at BCL.


Price: $22 before tax (so around $25 all in).


Market Liquidity: You know that Woody Allen joke “Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable”?  Well Woody doesn’t drink.

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