Mount Pleasant Elizabeth, Hunter Valley Semillon, 2007


Here’s a wild bargoon: Only $20 in the generic BCL aisle, an excellent example of Hunter Valley Sem; a little heavy on the tart, with tinges of apple and pear, particularly that rough skin on a Bosc (which I believe the pointsters say tastes of lanolin, if anyone knows the taste of lanolin), clean and crisp if a tad heavy.  While we like our Sem over here at BBCW, it’s an acquired taste in Canada, if the relative rarity is anything to go by.  And the best are best laid down; witness some spectacular L’Ecole.  So while the snobs are eager to pick up a Sauternes and I have an incredible predilection for white Bordeaux (god forbid you can find it, and afford it), once you get out of France the grape seems to evaporate into the ether.


I was a little non-plussed by the blaring gold medal decals on the side, but still, at this price point, how incredible for the novice to give Sem a whirl and, for the thrift-conscious, how easy on the pocket-book?


Price: $21 before egregious taxes. (Check out the listing on the BCL site.  They have  set the Hunter Valley region, which is in New South Wales northwest of Sydney, as being in Western Australia.  Well, it’s Australia, west of British Columbia.)


Market Liquidity: Like a find at Winners.


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