Month: November 2016

  • Drinking Wine in London, A Lot of Champagne, Discovering Grillo

    A short vacation in London. And a lot of good wine. I bought a bottle of “grower’s” champagne from a local Co-Op (high street grocer) which was palatable and pleasant and came through on my credit card statement at $28 Canadian.  Not sparkling, not Prosecco, not cremant de bourgogne/loire, whatever, not methode champenoise, actual champagne.  […]

  • Blue Mountain Pinot Gris, 2015

    Probably the best BM PG ever.  I don’t know what that means exactly.  I’ve always liked their PG, I buy at least six a year, I’ve never been wholesale disappointed, but it’s not bowl you over, ever.  Even the reserve, which (was it the 2012?) was stunning and impossible to find following release, is still […]

  • Sherry. Lot’s of Sherry. And Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos Dry, in particular.

    Sherry is my desert island wine.  I am baffled by the fear or reservation or misunderstanding or just plain dislike of fortified wine.  I would trade in my desert island book for an additional cask.  Sherry can earn plaudits of 95 points from the pointsters with nothing but raves, stars and medallions yet still languish […]

  • Culmina Decora, 2015

    Wow.  I think you could line this up blind with any of the Alsace Rieslings available in BC and it would trump most.  Well, maybe not the Pierre Sparr, but still…   This sips cool, cold, crisp, with intense acidity but enticing layers of hearty orchard fruit along with the lightness of a butterfly garden, […]