Culmina Decora, 2015


Wow.  I think you could line this up blind with any of the Alsace Rieslings available in BC and it would trump most.  Well, maybe not the Pierre Sparr, but still…


This sips cool, cold, crisp, with intense acidity but enticing layers of hearty orchard fruit along with the lightness of a butterfly garden, whiffs of blossoms across the tongue.  By which I mean both meaty and delicate.  It’s like spring in a bottle.


Most shocking of all is that we paired it (on a whim) with eggs (Martha Stewart’s baked squash, carrots, kale, with eggs and a cilantro dressing): eggs are notoriously wine un-friendly, and cilantro is no Alsatian amie, but by gosh it held up like the Cubs in the tenth.


Price: $21 from the winery. A steal by any measure (except, it seems, the hordes who pass on Riesling).


Market Liquidity: A taste of the good life.


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