Blue Mountain Pinot Gris, 2015


Probably the best BM PG ever.  I don’t know what that means exactly.  I’ve always liked their PG, I buy at least six a year, I’ve never been wholesale disappointed, but it’s not bowl you over, ever.  Even the reserve, which (was it the 2012?) was stunning and impossible to find following release, is still in the end just an Okanagan PG.


However, the base model this year, the wild ferment, really brings the funkiness to the fore.  It catches you for a loop.  It actually pales in comparison to the Saturna (RIP) wild ferment Riesling, released at the end of the vineyard’s “first incarnation” but it’s still delicious, acidic, pear forward, sharp and a charmer with cheese.


Kudos to Blue Mountain for have a “free shipping” release at Les Amis de Fromage a few weeks ago.  Order your wine from the Okanagan, pick up for free in Vancouver.  Anyone else want to join the band wagon?  Hint hint La Frenz, Burrowing Owl, Culmina, Seven Stones…


Price: Astounding at $21.


Market Liquidity: Easy on the pocket book, golden on the palate.

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